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Business Consulting in Cyprus

Business Consulting in Cyprus

Consulting services in Cyprus

Our law firm in Cyprus provides consulting services in the following areas of expertise:

  • company registration,
  • taxation and exemptions,
  • banking law,
  • real estate,
  • employment matters,
  • intellectual property,
  • legal consultancy

Business consultancy is usually requested by foreign investors first coming to Cyprus and in need of expert advice on how to set up a business. Consultants can also provide important information regarding the legislation of the country on different matters of interest to investors. Our Cypriot business consultants can provide clients with information on various topics but they can also guide them through different procedures.

Financial consulting services in Cyprus

Our legal team is completed by the accounting staff that can provide valuable information about taxes to be paid in Cyprus. Our financial consulting services also mean VAT registration for Cypriot companies. Some of the taxes companies must pay in Cyprus are:

Considering the extended network of double tax treaties Cyprus has enforced with other countries, the taxation system also provides numerous exemptions and deductions.

Corporate consulting services in Cyprus

Our business consultants are ready to help clients with the incorporation of the following types of Cypriot companies:

  • private companies limited by shares,
  • exempt private companies,
  • companies limited by guarantee,
  • general and limited partnerships.

Foreign companies wanting to open subsidiaries, branch offices or simple representative offices in Cyprus will benefit from the advice of our business consultants.  Our Cypriot consultants can provide you important information about the Commercial Code that states the shareholding requirements, the necessary start-up capital and the documentation that must be submitted with the Companies Registrar in Cyprus.

Legal consulting services in Cyprus

Clients won’t only need advice on company registration which is why our consultants are prepared to offer the proper support in civil litigation matters as well. Employment, marriage registration or divorce are only few of the areas our team is ready to advise clients on. Many foreigners want to move and work in Cyprus which is why we can provide information about the steps when applying for work or residence permits and making property purchases.

You can contact our Cypriot law firm for business solutions tailored to your requests. We can assist you in compnay and tax registration but we can aslo provide you legal assistance in other domains.