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Legal Services in Paphos

Legal Services in Paphos

Cyprus is a very appealing destination for investors in Europe and other countries in the world. Among the preferred cities for doing business in Cyprus is Paphos which is located in the southern part of the country.

Paphos is one of the most important touristic centers in Cyprus, and also one of the major maritime hubs in the country. If you are planning on opening a company in Paphos or simply relocating here, our lawyers in Cyprus can help you with various legal services.

Legal assistance for foreigners in Paphos

Our law firm in Cyprus can help foreign investors and citizens who want to come to Paphos by offering them legal assistance in the following:

  • company registration in Paphos, such as preparing and filing the documents needed for operating a business;
  • applying for the necessary business licenses for the company in Paphos;
  • legal help in relocating to Paphos through one of the residency programs;
  • assistance in corporate matters, such as company relocation to Paphos;
  • debt collection services for those who need to recover money from debtors in Paphos;
  • legal services related to civil or commercial litigation in Paphos.

The list of legal services offered by our Cypriot lawyers in Paphos is more extensive, which is why it is best to contact them in order to discuss.

Why choose our legal services in Paphos?

Our attorneys are experienced in various corporate and civil matters and are able to represent clients in cases related to business registration with the authorities in Paphos and handle litigation cases in the courts in Paphos. All our legal services in Paphos are customized and will be handled swiftly, but very attentively and with care.

Why choose Paphos?

Foreign investors or simple visitors who have already come to Paphos know that the Mediterranean city offers immense business opportunities, respectively touristic activities.

From a business point of view, Paphos represents one of the most important fishing and trading centers in Cyprus, therefore there are plenty of opportunities here. With the help of our lawyers, opening a company in Paphos will be easy and quick.

For information on all the legal services we offer in Paphos, please feel free to contact our attorneys in Cyprus.