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Obtaining Information about Cypriot Companies

Obtaining Information about Cypriot Companies

Ways to obtain information about a company in Cyprus

The most important institution providing information about Cypriot companies in the Companies Registrar. However, there are other ways of obtaining relevant information about companies in Cyprus. The Cypriot Government also has developed a web portal foreign investors or citizens may obtain relevant information about public companies in the country. Among other options available for foreign individuals wanting to obtain information about a company a common solution is to request the services of specialized companies or Cypriot lawyers who will conduct investigations on the company on behalf of their customers.

Obtaining information about a company with the Cypriot Trade Register

 Also known as the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver (DRCOR), the Cypriot Trade Register is the most reliable source of information when it comes to verifying a company. The Trade Register has three main sections that contain information about Cypriot companies. These sections are:

  • the companies section,
  • the bankruptcies and liquidation section,
  • the intellectual and industrial property section.

The most complex section is the companies section which contains information about local and foreign companies with business activities in Cyprus, partnerships and the companies’ shareholding structures. The second section provides information about the administration of property of insolvent companies in Cyprus. The last section offers information about companies that have registered trademarks, patents or other intellectual property rights in Cyprus.

Another way of obtaining information about foreign companies operating in Cyprus is through the European Business Register.

Company due diligence in Cyprus

One of the most common ways of obtaining information about Cypriot companies is requesting the services of professionals who will conduct a thorough search on the required business. One of the most important advantages of company due diligence procedures is it can be customized and clients may obtain the exact information they require. Due diligence procedures on Cypriot companies are usually request in cases of merger and acquisitions.

For complete information about how to start a company or for company due diligence services you may contact our law firm in Cyprus.