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Open a Consulting Company in Cyprus

Open a Consulting Company in Cyprus

A consulting firm is a company in which one or several consultants offer professional advice to an individual or a business against a certain fee. The main purpose of a consulting firm is to offer access to industry-specific consultants/experts and subject-matter specialists. Entrepreneurs who want to open a consulting company in Cyprus firstly have to register a Cypriot company and then hire the consultants, who should be professionals who can assist their clients with their expertise.

Our lawyers in Cyprus can assist you in opening such a business in this country and begin your Cypriot consulting business.

Range of consulting services in Cyprus

Foreign business people are interested in doing business in Cyprus because of several reasons, such as an attractive taxation regimen, strategic geographic location, superior life quality, access to numerous business opportunities and a qualified and talented workforce.

Entrepreneurs looking to begin a new company here will generally search for a local partner, who can assist them in different business endeavors and a Cypriot law firm can offer the appropriate business solutions.

A consulting company in Cyprus founds its success on the expertise of its consultants, who are the ones providing their advice and consulting services.

The range of services offered by a consulting business in this country can be general or specialized. Therefore, such a business can provide solutions for the incorporation of a company and the registration of one, as well as business solutions for corporations which do business in special industries such as imports and exports or solutions for business mergers and acquisitions.

Starting the right entity in Cyprus

In case you want to open a consulting business in Cyprus, our attorneys in Cyprus can assist you in choosing the right type of business entity. 

We can also assist you in drawing up the articles of association of the company and open a bank account for your consulting business in Cyprus.

Our lawyers in Cyprus can provide valuable assistance when opening a consulting business in Cyprus. This might include details on the other business opportunities in the country and the business start-up costs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Cypriot law firm in case you have any inquiries.

If you are committed to buying a property in Cyprus, you must first think about the kind of home that will meet your needs, your budget, the amount of finance you can get, and the people who will assist you in your search. For all these steps, you can definitely rely on our lawyers who are experienced in this field.