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The Land Registry in Cyprus

The Land Registry in Cyprus

The Cypriot Department of Lands and Surveys

The Department of Lands and Surveys, also known as the Land Registry, is the main authority dealing with the registration of property in Cyprus. The Cypriot Land Register falls under the regulations of the Ministry of Interior and started operating in 1858. Besides the registration of immovable property, the Cyprus Land Registry is also in charge with other operations among which the valuation and cartography of land parcels. Compared to other European Land Registers, the Cypriot Department of Lands and Surveys also regulations the real estate market in the country and thus becoming an important measurement tool when it comes to pricing policies. Currently, the Land Register has five local offices throughout the country.

The kind of property you choose to purchase will rely on a number of variables, including your budget, lifestyle, personal preferences, and whether you’re buying the house to live in or as an investment. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of real estate you can decide when choosing to buy a property in Cyprus can be explained by our lawyers.

The Land Law in Cyprus

The registration of property in Cyrus is possible due to the provisions of the Land Law which also establishes that all properties must be registered with the Land and Surveys Department. The district land offices will keep records on the ownership, the rights, the mortgages and other encumbrances of a property, but also of any contract resulted from the selling of the Cypriot property. The Cyprus Land Register issues property titles to owners of real estate or land parcels in the country. It also maintains records on the properties used by Cypriot companies.

Registering a property in Cyprus

The registration of any type of property with the Land Registry in Cyprus is quite simple provided that the interested party knows all the steps to be taken. In order to benefit from a quick and simple procedure they can request the services of a law firm in Cyprus. The main steps for property registration in Cyprus are:

  • the verification of the property title with the Land Registry,
  • have the sale agreement drafted by Cypriot lawyers,
  • submit the contract with the Department of Lands and Surveys,
  • pay the stamp duty with the Cypriot tax authorities,
  • apply for a sewerage board tax clearance,
  • submit a declaration of transfer of the property.

The Land Registry is also very useful when it comes to real estate due diligence procedures in Cyprus. For detailed information about the Land Law and property registration you can contact our Cypriot law firm.