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Why Choose our Law Firm in Cyprus?

Why Choose our Law Firm in Cyprus?

Foreign natural persons, as well as foreign businessmen, should receive legal advice referring to the legislation available in Cyprus. Our lawyers can offer legal representation to those who might need assistance in a trial held in a Cypriot court, but also to those who want to start a company in Cyprus, as there are many requirements that must be met in this case. Our attorneys in Cyprus can provide clients with personalized advice on numerous legal matters referring to the commercial law available here, but also on immigration and citizenship issues.

Consultancy for company formation in Cyprus  

Investors who are taking into consideration the registration of a company in Cyprus are invited to address their request to a local law firm for various matters, such as the taxation system applicable to commercial companies, but also on the compulsory compliance with the state’s authorities. Our law firm in Cyprus can offer tailored assistance on the company’s business plan and the legal aspects referring to the incorporation of a new business

Closing a company in Cyprus  

At times, investors may face the situation of closing down a company, which can be motivated by numerous reasons. The liquidation of a company is performed following specific rules and it is important to know that the businessmen operating on the Cypriot market can also sell their company

Legal entities in Cyprus  

Cyprus is a member state of the European Union and, thus, the legal entities available here are similar with the other business forms that can be incorporated on the Community’s territory. Our Cypriot law firm can assist entrepreneurs in choosing a suitable legal entity according to the investors’ budget and business plans. However, we mention that the most common business form registered here is the limited liability company

Investors representing an international company may choose to establish a branch or a subsidiary on the local market. The main difference between the two refers to the level of autonomy the company registered in Cyprus will have in respect to the parent company

We invite foreigners to contact our Cypriot lawyers for in-depth details on the services provided by our law firm.