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About Us

Our company is formed of legal experts and financial consultants, who can help international clients in several legal and company formation matters. Our attorneys have an extensive experience in providing foreign investors with the best corporate legal services, such as: opening a company in Cyprus, setting up virtual offices, opening bank accounts,  debt recovery, estate planning, contract law, mergers and acquisitions.

Your case will be handled by reputed lawyers in Cyprus with a strong experience in Corporate and Commercial Law, Company Formation and Corporate Litigation. Our team of attorneys in Cyprus are always ready to welcome all clients in need of assistance or consultancy for various legal issues. Our team will always put in the necessary time and efforts in order to make sure they offer the best package of services to our clients and they are capable of representing them at the highest European standards.

Meet out team

Evgenios Erotokritou is the founder and CEO of one of E.R. Team Global Consultants. We rely on Evgenios Erotokritou as he became a Barriester-at-Law, member of the Cyprus Bar Association after graduating the Council of Legal Education, London and becoming a member of The Honorable Society of the Middle Temple.

Evgenios Erotokritou specializes in corporate law and company formation, however he can also assist in various banking and taxation matters.

Our CEO is also a very implicated member of the law community in Cyprus as a member of the Local Legal Committee. In our society, he was also a President of the Lions Club International, President of the Parents Association of the Sotira School and a President of the Health Club of Larnaca-Ammoxostos. Evgenios Erotokritou was also one of the most passionate members of our local football team.

Evgenios Erotokritou works alongside:

Revekka Erotokritou who is our Director of Corporate Services Department. She also helps with other matters in quality of Compliance Officer at E.R. Team Global Consultants.

Cos Nicou is the Manager of Corporate and Banking Operations Department and works with Tonia in order to offer quick and effective services.

Demetris Koutsoftas works in our accounting department as a Financial and Tax Consultant.

Michalis Erotokritou is an International Surveyor. After passing the examination of the Committee of Registered Estate Agents in Cyprus, he got licensed as an Official Estate Agent. Now, he is our expert on real estate matters.

Tina Lamari is Manager of the Expansion and Human Resources department and has a broad experience in corporate matters, helping a lot of clients is such matters.

Constantinos Stavrou is our IT specialist, helping other team members, but also clients on various matters related to the IT and computer fields.

Efrosini Tymbiou has been with our company for 30 years. She currently occupies the position of Manager of the Nominee Services and Office Organizations Department.

Tonia Erotokritou is our Administrator for Corporate and Banking and she is one of our most sought members.

Pantelis Kone comes after studying in the UK and has joined Demetris in accounting as our VAT Consultant and Associate.

Membership in international organizations

E.R. Team Global Consultants (Lawyers-Cyprus.com) is a member of BridgeWest. It is also proud to be a member of prestigious organizations, such as the Cyprus Bar Association and of the internationally known web portals HG.org andExpat Brifeing. Moreover, our CEO Evgenios Erotokritou is an important member of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple.


Our services in Cyprus

Our company has joined the online portal dedicated to lawyers – HG.org , and ExpatBriefing.com , which is another internationally recognized and appreciated website.

With a team made of 35 members with international studies and expertise, E.R. Team Global Consultants has a unique approach when it comes to providing services to clients. Our approach is to give nothing but the best to all those who want to work with us.

Because we and succeed to cover various areas of the law, we offer assistance all those who want to open companies in Cyprus, but we also offer other services which could be of great help, such as nominee services (shareholder, director and secretary). Clients who need a virtual office, can find that with us. We also offer assistance in various banking, financial and real estate matters with the help of our team members you can read more on below.

In order to have your question answered by our specialists or set up an appointment with our lawyers in Cyprus, please call our main office at: +357 24 656 406.