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Marriage Registration in Cyprus

Marriage Registration in Cyprus

We are experts in marriage registration in Cyprus and we can help you no matter where you are from. The programs enabled by the government that help citizens from other states to immigrate to the beautiful insular state make them get married here in order to start their lives together. However, there also those who simply want a great landscape for the marriage ceremony. Either way, marriage registration in Cyprus is not complicated.

Below, we invite you to find out how you can register your marriage in this country and how our Cypriot lawyers can help you.

The Marriage Law in Cyprus

Those who want to get married in Cyprus, no matter if they are residents or foreign citizens, can do so in accordance with the 2003 Marriage Law provisions. Marriage registration in Cyprus is possible since 1923. Those who want to come and have their union celebrated here must first arrive to the country and present to the Marriage Officer in the city they have chosen in order to set a date for the ceremony.

 Quick Facts  
  Laws applicable to marriage registration 2003 Marriage Act

Possibility for foreigners to get married in Cyprus (YES/NO)


Special requirements for foreign citizens

 NO, there are no special requirements for foreign citizens
Administrative body to register the marriage with

City hall of the city where the ceremony will take place

Special conditions for foreigners marrying Cypriot citizens Documents attesting the unmarried status of the spouses
Visa requirements for foreign citizens entering Cyprus (YES/NO)

YES, for non-EU citizens

Documents for marriage registration

 IDs (passports for foreign citizens), non-marriage certificate, birth certificates, no impediment declarations, application form

Non-marriage certificate issuance requirements Non-marriage certificates are issued by a Cypriot district court or Cypriot embassy for foreign citizens
Possibility to organize religious ceremony (YES/NO) YES
Prior appointment required (YES/NO) YES, a prenuptial appointment must be made with the marriage officer
Witness requirements (YES/NO) YES, two witnesses are required
Urgent marriage registration availability (YES/NO) YES, a special marriage license can be obtained within 3 days
Recognition of Cypriot marriages abroad YES, however, in certain countries the marriage license must be translated and apostilled
 Minimum stay period for foreigners getting married in Cyprus Approx. 20 days
 Legal support in marriage registrarion in Cyprus (YES/NO)  YES

The same requirements apply for Cypriot citizens, residents, but also for foreign citizens who need to submit various documents in accordance with specific provisions. However, the procedure is not difficult and our lawyers can guide them.

According to the law, the following principles stand at the base of marriage registration in Cyprus:

  1. the marriage is concluded through an agreement expressed by two persons;
  2. the registration of the civil union can be completed before the Mayor, Vice Mayor or any other officer appointed by the Municipal Council;
  3. religious marriages are also recognized if they are organized according to the Canons of the Greek Orthodox Church;
  4. it is required to have at least two witnesses attesting to the registration of a Cyprus marriage.

From a legal point of view, marriage is recognized by the Ministry of Interior.

Foreign citizens who want to get married in this country can rely on our lawyers in Cyprus for guidance on the documents they need to prepare.

What to consider about a Cyprus wedding?

Getting married in Cyprus does not require special preparation, as the procedure is simple, and it implies the preparation of certain documents that are easy to obtain. Another interesting fact about having a wedding in this country is that as a foreign citizen, you don not need to meet special requirements or prepare special documents, as the same apply as to Cypriot citizens, except for the fact that the valid passport must be presented instead of the ID. Another exception applies to foreign citizens from non-EU countries who also need travel visas in order to enter the country, if they come to an EU state for the first time.

It is possible to organize both the legal and church ceremonies in Cyprus, however, only the first one has legal weight when it comes to recognition.

Our lawyers in Cyprus are at the service of Cypriot citizens who want to register their marriages here, however, we can also assist foreign citizens getting married here.

Civil marriages in Cyprus

Civil marriages date back in 1923, according to the Civil Code in Cyprus. Because of the relatively simple procedure, Cyprus is a common destination for foreign citizens wanting to get married. In 2003 Cyprus enabled the Marriage Law which enables citizens to apply for a marriage license to the Marriage Officer of the Municipality they desire. However, there are few requirements couples must comply with before getting married in Cyprus.

Our lawyers in Cyprus may provide you with all the relevant details about getting married. We have also created an infographic on this topic:

What are the steps to be followed when getting married in Cyprus?

The first step for getting married in Cyprus is to set up a prenuptial appointment with the Marriage Officer. Both parties must attend the meeting in which they will submit their notice of marriage. Together with the notice of marriage, both parties must also submit separate declarations confirming there is no impediment for the marriage to be registered. They must also declare all necessary consents have been obtained, or that there is no necessity to obtain consent. In certain cases, parties may also be required to appear in front of a Cypriot District Court and make a sworn declaration confirming they are not married. Once the formalities are completed, the couple must register their marriage between 15 days and 3 months. However, the Marriage Officer may also celebrate an urgent marriage, by issuing a special marriage license within three days.

Civil marriages in Cyprus may also be celebrated by a Registered Minister of Religion in church.

What are the documents to be submitted for marriage registration in Cyprus?

The following documents are required in to register a marriage in Cyprus:

  • identification papers or documents,
  • foreign citizens must also submit a certificate of non-impediment issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy or a Cypriot court of justice; the certificate cannot be older than 3 months,
  • birth certificate with the names of the parents,
  • divorce certificate or Decree Absolute, if applicable,
  • death certificate of the former spouse, if applicable.

The Registrar of Marriages in Cyprus

All marriages that have taken place in Cyprus are recorded by the Registrar of Marriages that has been created in accordance with the Civil Registry and Migration Act. The Registrar must keep data on both civil and religious ceremonies and among the documents it needs to have is the consent of the parties to the union.

The Registrar will also issue the marriage certificate to the spouses, as well as record any divorce that takes place in Cyprus.

Foreign citizens getting married in Cyprus

There are no impediments to get married in Cyprus as a foreign citizen, as there are no specific procedures one needs to comply with. However, it is recommended to schedule the date of the ceremony and book a flight in advance in order to appear before the Marriage Officer in due time. 

In order to register for a marriage in Cyprus, the foreigner will need to provide documents attesting that he or she is not married in another country. In this sense, the local legislation requires a formal document issued by a competent authority in the country of origin of the respective person. 

In the case in which the foreigner was married at some point in time, the person will need to provide relevant documents related to the dissolution of marriage, certified by a competent authority in the country of origin (such as a public notary). Our attorneys in Cyprus can offer more details on the documents required here.   

The future spouses need to have valid passports upon arrival in Cyprus in order to record their marriages here.

Considering the same requirements apply to foreign citizens who need to present No Impediment Certificates, the following clarifications must be made:

  • in the case of EU citizens, there in no need for the Certificate to be issued in Cyprus;
  • in the case of non-EU citizens, the Certificate can be obtained through the Cypriot Embassy or Consulate in their home countries.

Among the documents that need to be filed in order to obtain the documents, the valid passport, a declaration stating the current civil status and identity card are required. In the case of divorced or widowed persons, the divorce decision, respectively death certificate is required. These must be translated into Greek or English and certified before submission.

Once married in Cyprus, the foreigners who return to their countries can have their marriages recognized there.

If you need legal advice on marriage registration, our lawyers in Cyprus can offer more information on the procedure if you are a foreign citizen.

Residency requirements for foreign citizens coming to Cyprus to get married

A Cyprus wedding is the dream of many foreigners who want to enjoy some of the most spectacular views in Europe, which is why many citizens from neighboring countries come to get married here. In order to have a stress-free mini-vacation and enjoy their ceremonies, they can obtain a 3-day special license that can be used as a residence permit for the duration of stay. Failing to obtain this license will lead to the prolongation of the stay in Cyprus, as the civil registry officer cannot perform the ceremony until the 15th day from filing the documents. This can lead to a minimum duration of stay of 20 days of the spouses-to-be.

Foreign citizens deciding to marry in Cyprus will find it easy to meet the legal requirements, however, they can also obtain updated information from our local lawyers if they need support. We usually recommend foreign clients to prepare in advance before coming here to complete the marriage formalities, especially since the documents for the registration of the Cyprus marriage must be filed in person.

Our lawyers can help you obtain the marital status certificate if you need guidance. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information on the procedures you need to complete in order to get married in Cyprus.

Recognition of Cypriot marriages abroad

As mentioned above, the number of foreign citizens who register their marriages in Cyprus is constantly increasing which is why many people ask if their marriage certificates will be recognized back in their home countries. The answer is yes, marriages celebrated in Cyprus are acknowledged abroad, however, there can be cases in which the certificates need to be translated and apostilled.

Once Brexit was completed, another issue arising was related to UK citizens interested in getting married in Cyprus after the UK is no longer an EU country. Unless they have Cypriot residence permits, these can travel here without a visa if their stay does not exceed 90 days, which enables to register their marriages without having to complete special formalities.

If you are dreaming about a Cyprus wedding, you can plan the ceremony you want and let help you from a legal point of view.

How to obtain residency when being married to a Cypriot citizen

Cyprus has appealed many foreign citizens who have decided to move and remain here and bring their families to live with them. This also applies to those who got married in their countries of origins and want to bring their spouses to join them. For them, the procedure implies having their marriages recognized in Cyprus. For this purpose, the marriage certificate is the main document they need in order to reunite with their spouses.

Another case is that of Cypriot citizens who have lived abroad for a while, got married there with a foreign citizen, and then returned to Cyprus. In this situation, the foreign spouse can relocate with the Cypriot national who can apply for a residence permit.

The most important advantage is that after being married to a Cyprus national for 3 years and having lived in this country for another 2, the foreign spouse is eligible for Cypriot citizenship.

Our lawyers in Cyprus can help foreign citizens in various legal issued related to the Civil Law. We also offer support in divorce proceedings and child custody if your Cyprus marriage has terminated and need guidance in obtaining what is rightfully yours. Also, if you need assistance in dividing the assets with your former spouse, we can provide advice on your rights in this country.

Marriage registration statistics in Cyprus

At the end of 2018 when the last population census was completed, Cyprus had a total population of 888,000 inhabitants. When referring to marriages registered in the country for 2019, the statistics provided by the Ministry of Interior indicate that:

  • the number of marriages increased from 13,783 in 2018 to 14,854 in 2019;
  • out of these, 3,673 of the marriages took place between Cypriot residents;
  • the crude marriage rate between Cyprus residents was 8,9 per 1,000 persons;
  • 59,1% of the marriages registered in Cyprus was between residents with foreign origins;
  • most the foreign citizens who got married in Cyprus in 2019 were from India, Pakistan, and Romania.

Foreign citizens getting married in Cyprus must also know the Marriage Officer will forward a copy after the marriage certificate to the foreign citizens’ Embassy or Consulate in the country. 

Getting married in Cyprus as a minor  

The applicable legislation allows minors to get married in Cyprus. However, in order to do so, the parents of the minors will need to offer their consent. In the situation in which one of the parents is not able to provide the consent – due to various matters, such as death or incapacity of any kind, the other parent will need to give the marriage consent

If both parents are dead or incapacitated, the consent will be provided by the lawful guardian of the minor, and then the local authorities will be able to proceed to the marriage registration. Here is a video on this topic:

Specifics of a Cypriot wedding  

Foreigners getting married in Cyprus should be residents here for at least three working days prior to the wedding ceremony. This is available only in the case of those who applied for a Special License. If the foreigners do not have this document, they will need to reside in Cyprus for at least 20 days prior to the marriage ceremony

Such marriages are recognised at a global level, but it is important to know that if the persons getting married will want to have a Catholic ceremony, they will also need to complete a civil ceremony

Persons who need further details on the rights and obligations obtained following a Cyprus marriage are invited to contact our law firm in Cyprus

In order to register for a marriage in Cyprus, the foreigner will need to provide documents attesting that he or she is not married in another country. In this sense, the local legislation requires a formal document issued by a competent authority in the country of origin of the respective person. 

In the case in which the foreigner was married at some point in time, the person will need to provide relevant documents related to the dissolution of marriage, certified by a competent authority in the country of origin (such as a public notary). Our attorneys in Cyprus can offer more details on the documents required here. If you need legal assistance in this matter, please contact our lawyers.