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Tax Minimization in Cyprus

Tax Minimization in Cyprus

What is tax minimization?

Tax minimization is not a very old concept that has been successfully implemented in most countries in the world in order to help companies reduce payments for taxation purposes. Tax minimization or tax planning is also available in Cyprus. Tax planning can be done with the help of a Cypriot law firm that will carefully set up business plans in order to maximize profits and minimize taxes. Foreign investors are usually advised to appeal to lawyers in Cyprus if they are not familiar with the taxation system.

What are the available tax minimization solutions in Cyprus?

Our Cypriot law firm can recommend some business solutions that can help investors make the best use of the incorporation procedures when it comes to tax minimization. According to the Cypriot Company Law, trading companies, holding companies, financial and royalties companies benefit from advantages when incorporated in Cyprus.

The advantages of the Cypriot taxation system

Foreign investors may also benefit from the advantages the taxation system in Cyprus provides. In order to save money on taxes it is important to know that that the Cypriot taxation system provides the following advantages:

  • the lowest profit tax in Europe of only 10%,
  • full exemption on the profit tax for companies incorporated in a foreign country due to the extensive network of double taxation treaties Cyprus has,
  • incomes received from companies registered outside Cyprus are exempt from taxes,
  • there are no thin capitalization regulations in Cyprus,
  • there are no withholding taxes for dividends, interests and the majority of royalties sent from Cyprus to a company in another country,
  • there are no transfer rules, only the arm’s length principle.

Incentives for foreign investors in Cyprus

Not only foreign businessmen have access to Europe’s lowest corporate tax in Cyprus but they are also invited to invest in the country. Some of the greatest benefits that could help for tax minimization purposes in Cyprus are the incentives provided for foreign investors. Among these one can count on:

  • tax incentives for creating new jobs,
  • full tax deductions until 2016 for expenses in the innovation, research, communication, green energy and information sectors,
  • tax incentives for investors wanting to open IT and high-technology companies in Cyprus.

Tax minimization can take many forms and our Cypriot lawyers can provide all the solutions at hand at the moment. You can also contact us for business registration or more details on the Cypriot taxation system.