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Cyprus Wedding

Cyprus Wedding

The sunny weather and beautiful landscapes have turned Cyprus into one of Europe’s favorite wedding destinations. Not only locals but also foreign citizens can come and get married here. There are two sides when it comes it organizing a wedding in Cyprus: the first one refers to the legal part and the second to the ceremony.

Below, we invite you to find out how you can have the perfect Cypriot wedding. We are a law firm in Cyprus, and we can assist with the legal registration of your marriage here.

Steps to complete for a Cyprus-based wedding

No matter if you are a Cypriot or foreign couple, planning a wedding in Cyprus is not complicated, however, you need to complete a few steps. These are:

  • choose the date and venue for the event;
  • contact the city hall in the Cypriot city you are planning to have the wedding and booking a date;
  • contact the priest in the parish you want to officialize the religious ceremony (if you want one).
 Quick Facts  
 Legislation applicable  Marriage Act in the Civil Code is the main law covering marriage in Cyprus

 Possibility for foreign citizens to get married in Cyprus

Yes, foreign citizens can get married in Cyprus 

 Visa requirements for foreign citizens (if any)

 Non-EU citizens must apply for visas before traveling to Cyprus for their wedding

 Special visa available for foreigners (YES/NO)  No, however, a tourist visa which is issued in 5 to 15 days is required for foreigners
 Special license for foreigners (YES/NO)

 Yes, a 3-day residency license must be obtained by foreign citizens

 Possibility to host religious marriage in Cyprus for foreigners

 Yes, Cyprus is a well known destination for religious weddings

 Documents required for a Cypriot wedding

– ID or passports;

– birth certificates;

– no impediment certificates;

– application form;

– divorce or widower’s certificates where applicable. 

 Requirement to file documents in person (YES/NO)

Yes, the future spouses must file the documents for marriage in person 

 Witness requirement (YES/NO)

 Yes, at least 2 witnesses are required

 Possible locations for the wedding City hall or any other venue, as desired 
 Timeframe for getting married in Cyprus as a foreigner

Foreign citizens should consider at least 20 days to register their marriage in Cyprus 

 Marriage registration fees

 The fees depend on the selected venue

 Recognition of Cypriot marriage certificate in other countries (YES/NO)

 Yes, marriage certificates obtained in Cyprus are legal and can are recognized in other countries

 Best cities to get married in Cyprus

 Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, etc.

 Support in Family Law matters in Cyprus  We are at the service of foreign citizens who need assistance or advice in Family Law matters.

For foreign citizens seeking to organize a Cypriot wedding, it is also important to plan these steps a few weeks ahead in order to make sure they have sufficient time for all the formalities.

We remind you that if you are a non-EU/EEA couple you need to apply for a visa for Cyprus to hold the wedding here. It can take from 5 to 15 days to obtain a tourist visa, which is why we advise you get in contact with our lawyers in Cyprus for support.

Documents to prepare for a wedding in Cyprus

If you live or plan on coming to Cyprus for the wedding, you need to prepare a set of documents, among which:

  • identification documents (passports in the case of foreign citizens);
  • birth certificates of the future spouses;
  • divorce certificate if one or both persons have been married before;
  • death certificate of the late spouse in case any of the parties getting married is a widower;
  • non-impediment certificates for foreign citizens organizing a Cyprus wedding.

Such certificates can be obtained from the Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a local court for those who live here, or from the Cypriot embassy/consulate in their home countries.  Such certificates cannot be more than 3 months older when submitted with the city hall where the wedding will take place.

What to consider about a Cyprus wedding as a foreigner

Having a wedding in Cyprus as a foreign citizen implies obtaining a 3-day special license for residency. The civil ceremony will take place at the city hall and is officialized by the mayor or another representative. Against a fee, the ceremony can also be organized in any other venue established by the couple. It is also required to have at least two witnesses to the wedding. Religious marriages are completed after the civil ones take place.

In Cyprus, wedding ceremonies can be conducted in English for foreign couples.

If you are planning a wedding here, you can rely on our Cypriot lawyers for support in preparing the necessary documents, so that you can come and enjoy the ceremony and party alongside your guests.

We offer support in various areas of the Family Law, including on marriage in Cyprus. Should you need support as a Cypriot or foreign national, do not hesitate to contact us. Our lawyers are at your disposal with complete support with respect to the civil procedure. We can also advise on how to register a marriage certificate obtained abroad.

Civil marriages in Cyprus

You have the possibility of having both the civil and church ceremonies in Cyprus, no matter if you are a national, resident, or foreign citizen here.

A civil ceremony implies meeting with a townhall officer in front of whom you will declare your desire to get married followed by the marriage registration procedure in Cyprus. This means that the officer will issue the marriage certificate you can have acknowledged in your home country if you are a foreigner.

As a general rule, civil marriages can take place in the town hall, or in a venue of your choosing with prior reservation. The beach is also one of the places where civil ceremonies can be organized, as it is one of the most sought by foreigners.

Due to the favorable weather and seaside view, many couples choose to get married outside in Cyprus. You are free to get married wherever you like, whether that be in a church, at a villa, or inside the town hall, as long as your paperwork is in order. You can get help with the necessary planning from agencies and wedding planning businesses. In respect to the legal side, you can rely on our lawyers in Cyprus who will make sure everything is in order.

Religious marriages in Cyprus

Cyprus is the perfect place for a religious wedding. No matter your religious beliefs, religious weddings are also widespread in Cyprus. Civil ceremonies are usually held before Catholic weddings. Otherwise, marriages in Cyprus are regarded as being legally binding on a global level. Civil wedding ceremonies are not required for members of the Anglican Church.

It is also common to have a religious marriage in Cyprus after holding the civil one in another country. From this point of view, our law firm can help you have your documents translated and legalized.

Getting married in Cyprus as a British national after Brexit

Brexit came with rules for EU citizens travelling and moving to the UK, as well as rules for British nationals moving throughout the European Union. Many Brits were accustomed to go to Cyprus on vacations, but also to get married here.

Now, things have changed a little in the sense that you will need a valid British passport, certified copies of your birth certificates, and a statutory declaration (also known as an affidavit or a certificate of no impediment) in order to get married in Cyprus. Couples must travel to Cyprus with all original documentation.

If you need assistance in marriage registration in Cyprus as an UK citizen, you can rely on our lawyers.

We are also at the service of people interested in buying properties in Cyprus and settling here.

Wedding traditions and customs

If you are interested in a Cyprus-based wedding, you can either bring traditional customs from your home country or “borrow” some of the local ones. However, as an internationally recognized marriage destination, some of the most common ones are also held here, among them:

  • the bride and groom’s first dance;
  • the bride throwing the bouquet;
  • the bride and groom having maids, respective best men to help them.

If you are interested in registering your marriage in Cyprus, feel free to contact us.

Beautiful Cyprus wedding locations

Cyprus is a spectacular country with plenty of places where you can hold a wedding. Among the popular destinations are the following:

  • Larnaca, one of the most beautiful Cypriot cities and tourism destinations;
  • Limassol is another city in which you will find plenty of wedding venues to hold a civil and/or religious marriage in;
  • Paphos, where there are many hotels in which you can have your wedding;
  • Nicosia is also a great place where you can have a Cypriot wedding;

Ayia Napa is a great beach destination where you can have a traditional Cypriot wedding.

How much does it cost to organize a Cypriot wedding?

Organizing a wedding in Cyprus is not more expensive compared to other exotic destinations. The insular state is a great vacation destination with plenty of venues already in place for such ceremonies.

Here are the main aspects to consider about a wedding in Cyprus:

  • dinner and drink packages can range between 40 and 65 euros;
  • hiring a photographer can cost between 1,000 and 2,000 euros;
  • bridal bouquets and decorations can from 60 to 100 euros, respectively 800 to more than 2,000 euros;
  • accommodation can also cost around 3,000 euros for all the guests for a few nights.

For more information on the legal requirements for a Cyprus-based wedding, please contact our local law firm.