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Legal Services in Limassol

Legal Services in Limassol

Our lawyers in Cyprus offer legal services to foreign investors wanting to set up companies in Limassol. They will draft the Articles of Association for company incorporation and all other required documentation. Once the file is complete our Cypriot lawyers will submit it the Companies Registrar. The following step for company registration in Limassol will be to register the company for taxation purposes. Once all legal requirements are met our law firm in Cyprus will further assist foreign investors whenever needed.

Legal services provided by our Cypriot law firm in Limassol

Once a company is registered foreign investors will need business consulting in accounting matters such as tax optimization. Foreign investors will need help in further enhancing their business operations and our Cypriot lawyers will guide them through applying for investment incentives. For businessmen wanting to hire personnel in Limassol our attorneys in Cyprus will explain clients what the legislation on employment states.

Our law firm in Cyprus will also offer legal services in other areas like:

  1. debt recovery,
  2. company management,
  3. arbitration,
  4. litigation matters,
  5. bankruptcy and company liquidation procedures.

Other services in Limassol

Our lawyers in Cyprus will also offer legal assistance to foreign individuals that want to obtain a residence permit, live and work in Limassol. Our attorneys in Cyprus will help foreign citizens with the property due diligence process and real estate purchases if required. Foreign citizens can benefit from the help of our Cypriot lawyers if they want to open a bank account.

We are also at your service if you need assistance related to the Divorce Law in Cyprus.

Why invest in Limassol?

After Nicosia, Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus after the number of inhabitants but it is the largest and busiest port in the island.  Limassol is also a very important educational center which makes it favorable for foreign investors looking for skilled and educated but cheap workforce. Limassol hosts over 350 industrial parks in the domains of textiles, electronics, plastic materials and furniture. Tourism is also a key-industry in Limassol.

Interested in investing in Limassol?  Please contact our law firm in Cyprus for information about the best investment possibilities in Limassol.